Team Marine Parents™ 2004 Bootcamp Challenge

The team, consisting of 3 women (2 Marine moms and a Marine wife), competed in the first-ever Bootcamp Challenge in 2004! It was a fun and furious 3-mile course featuring obstacles used only by Marine Recruits at the Marine Recruit Depots. Our team received "encouragement" along the way at each obstacle from MCRD Drill Instructors.

The team of three included Lou, a Marine Mom and website volunteer, Tami, a Marine Mom whose son was serving in Iraq at the time, and Katia, a Marine wife and website volunteer, whose husband had just returned from Iraq.

Mary (a/k/a "Spuds Mom" on MFN), a Marine Mom from Colorado, also offered to match the contributions raised for the Bootcamp Challenge fundraiser up to $200. Thank you Mary!

The Boot Camp Challenge took place on Saturday, October 2, 2004 at MCRD San Diego. For more information about the event, please see the event web site:

We met our goal! TeamMarineParents raised $455, exceeding its goal of $200. Mary matched the $200 in donations, for a grand total of $655 to support the web site!

We would like to thank the following sponsors of the Bootcamp Challenge Fundraiser:

  • Mary Melick
  • Tracy Della Vecchia
  • Roland Whitridge
  • Marie Bonilla, in the name of her son, Recruit Anthony
  • Ron Holmes, from Modesto, California
  • Mary Huddleston
  • Sandra Longcor
  • Lou Palermo
  • Sandra Robinson
  • Cathy Burnes, from Tucson, Arizona
  • Susan Gleeson, in honor of her recruit
  • Susan Castor, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the name of her Marine son, Ben
  • James Taber
  • Monica Catalan

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