Photos & Comments Team Marine Parents 2009

Quotes from 2009 TMP Runners

The thing that stands out the most for me was meeting all the parents of Marines. [We] immediately felt a bond with each other and it was wonderful to talk about my son [with] parents going through some of the same feelings as me [and have them] understand.
This was the first marathon that I didn't want to end! I felt myself choking up the last 10K...
By mile 18 it was apparent that I was going to beat the bridge and actually be able to finish...I started to CRY! Then I hit the National Mall and was running with a smile on my face and a happy runner's heart! The crowd was WILD and motivating!
My Marine was supposed to be coming home from Iraq in time to join me at the Marathon. He said he couldn't make it, but he surprised me at the finish line!
The get-together on Saturday night was special, but the highlight of my weekend was after the race; I asked Lisa to be my wife and she said yes!

Recap of the Marathon Weekend

In 2009, a grand total of $8,807 was raised on behalf of's outreach programs by 21 enthusiastic Team Marine Parents™ participants from several different states across the nation. The furthest distance traveled by a TMP participant to compete in the Marine Corps Marathon was more than 2,500 miles from Seattle Washington—about as far away from Washington D.C. as you can get!

The marathon weekend kicked off with a tour of the White House the day before the race. It was amazing to walk through the beautifully decorated rooms where history has been made and our leaders have stood. Later in the day, the athletes finally had a chance to meet one another at our Team Marine Parents™ reception.

The participants also witnessed an extraordinarily special reunion between a three-time Purple Heart Marine, Cpl. John McClellan, a gravely ill Marine, LCpl. Josef Lopez, and the combat medics who treated them while in Balad Hospital. Both Marines were sponsored by and participated in the marathon with Team Marine Parents™. By simply being there, they provided motivation to our runners by overcoming their setbacks and participating in "The People's Marathon!"

Both the Marine Corps Marathon and MC10K teams met before dawn to travel together to their respective starting lines. It was an all-around amazing day and each participant had a shiny medal hanging around their neck at the end of it. The participants worked very hard, not only to reach their athletic goals, but also to reach their fundraising goals. We are able to better support our Marines and their families because these 21 individuals cared enough to participate. We are so proud of our team!

It was great to get together with Team Marine Parents™, witness an emotional reunion of our Marines with the combat medics who treated them, and participate in the most exciting marathon I have ever experienced! Counting down to Marine Corps Marathon 2010!
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