TMP at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon

There is nothing more inspiring than standing in the pouring rain watching hundreds of runners pouring their hearts into each footstep.

2019 MCM Recap

From Alysia and Lauren, TMP Coordinators

There is nothing more inspiring than standing in the pouring rain watching hundreds of runners pouring their hearts into each footstep. That is exactly what happened at the Marine Corps Marathon and 10K run in October 2019. Alysia Simmons and I, Lauren Brandkamp, both as employees at, stood in awe of these incredible individuals, running with everything they had as they passed mile marker 19. Their journey began many months before training for the marathon. Each runner on our team ran with a purpose and a fallen Marine attached to their bib in honor of Gold Star families.

We cheered them on from the sidelines, our soaked tennis shoes had nothing on their drenched-to-the-bone bodies. Holding banners, screaming cheers, and showing as much support as we could for the runners, the Marines, and their reasons behind their footsteps. 26.2 miles is no easy feat, even for some of our more experienced runners. Our Team Marine Parents had trekked several hundred miles and raised just shy of $25,000 for us this year. Each dollar of these runners' dedication was to benefit the Outreach Programs of like the Warrior Support Team and numerous casework.

Alysia and I can't wait for October 2020 so we can run with the Marines in the 45th Marine Corps Marathon. Hard work, determination, advice, and tips spilled out at our meet and greet with the runners the afternoon before the Marathon. It was absolutely heartwarming and inspirational beyond words. Our runners, many of them meeting each other for the first time in a touching experience, showed the passion and immense support they had for one another. We happily handed out goodie bags and listened in awe of the miles it took to get to this point. All the hard work and preparation came to a head in just a few short hours with excitement filling the room for the run the following day.

Waking early the next morning we walked from our hotel room to mile marker 19 with the nuisance of the rain soaking us. But nothing could have kept us away. If they were able to run these miles in the rain the least we could do was to cheer them on with appreciation in our hearts for the help we had received from them as an organization. After all, that is what we do at our mission is to help Marines and their families through every stage of the Corps. We are able to continue this support and a Place to Connect and Share® not only through donations but with the help of these individuals willing to put in the work to get to this Marathon.

We are forever grateful for the experience and connections with our runners, our Team. The experience will forever be remembered. The inspiration was contagious and now here we are training for our first Marathon! Thank you to our coaches and Team Marine Parents' members for a life-changing experience!

God Bless & Semper Fi!

Lauren and Alysia, TMP Coordinators for 2019 and 2020 Season

From Coaches Shannon and Penny

The 2019 Marine Corps Marathon weekend was one of the most memorable weekends I have ever experienced as a coach for TMP. Our team traveled hundreds of miles between all of us to meet up in our nation's capital and experience "The People's Marathon" weekend. Saturday evening before the race, the team met up to finally give all those wonderful hugs to each other as we had been inspiring each other from across the nation through Facebook. We had trained so many miles "together" that it was time to really enjoy each other and remember what it took for us all to get here.

The Sunday morning on October 27, 2019, we all awoke to pouring rain, and we prayed that by start time, it would stop. It didn't, and we were all off at howitzer time, in the pouring rain. I ran the 10K, and by the time that I had made it to mile 3, I was drenched, and all I could think about was our marathoners and how it was going to make for a much longer day. Let me tell you, though; our marathon team made me super proud as their coach. Their determination inspired me to come back for 2020 and catch another MCM medal. Below I have recapped our team's finish time, and with all that rain that came down, they rocked it!

Name / Finish Time
Julie Croushorn / 3:48:31
John Jenk / 3:52:23
Kelly Stewart / 4:18:56
Bobby McLaughlin / 4:25:11
Michael Cummins / 5:15:46
Karin Jacobs / 5:42:23
Amador Nunez / 6:20:00
Maria Gomez / 6:23:05
Penny Terwelp / 6:26:11
Matt Christensen / 6:34:32
Justin Joseph / 6:47:24
Stephanie Longdo / 7:00:02
Heather Pentifallo / 7:04:01
Kelly Cerbone / 7:04:02

To all of our Marathon finishers, congratulations and way to adapt and overcome the challenges this Marathon presented in 2019! I can't wait to see you out there in 2020 for an anniversary Marathon year!

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