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Team Marine Parents Wants YOU!

Fitness & Fundraising with Purpose! Supporting One Another &


Team Marine Parents takes being part of the Marine Corps Community to another level. Joining a team of people across the United States who share a focus and a mission creates incredible bonds and opportunities for life-long friendships. You don't have to be an athlete to participate. A commitment to any type of fitness, supporting the organization,, and a passion for our MARINES is what it takes. And who doesn't want that in their life? Join us!

Team Marine Parents, Thank you, thank you for the opportunity to run the 41st MCM. Back home and still floating on my runner's high! Lisa, it was an honor to train with you the last few months. From your inspirational memes, the monthly challenges and just keeping us in check and on track, I really don't know if I would have done it without you. It was an honor to run for Team Marine Parents. Semper Fi and God Bless our Marines!!
—Shannon S., 2016 TMP Participant

The mission of Team Marine Parents is to provide the framework for individuals to participate in athletic events nationwide while raising funds and promoting awareness of the organization's outreach programs.

Register NOW For Military Appreciation Virtual Run!

Our events are for anyone, not just runners! Join us in YOUR hometown!


Show and share your appreciation for our military, active duty, reservists, and veterans on Armed Forces Day on May 21 or over Memorial Day weekend. What better way to show your honor and support for our military personnel than getting out for a run and wearing a bib that says "Military Appreciation"! This is the run for you! Participate virtually with other Marine family members around the globe. Participate virtually with other military and Veteran supporters around the globe.

Support the Cause! Share our Virtual Runs!

Print a poster to share everywhere in your hometown!


It's as simple as printing a poster and sharing it in public spaces—with permission! Whether it's a gym bulletin board, your office, or your neighborhood clubhouse, please help us promote our 2022 Virtual Runs. Available in two sizes and black and white or full color. Thank you for helping to promote the Virtual Runs that make a difference for warriors and their families!

I've put them up at the local VFW, American Legion, Veteran's United Home Loans, and in the VA hospital. I'm headed to our local Marine Corps League next!
— Tracy Della Vecchia

Military Wife Mariah & Military Child Virtual Run

Mariah completed a 5k while her husband was in basic training


Mariah completed a 5k while her husband was in the middle of a 5k hike during his basic training. Thank you, Mariah, for your service as a military wife, for supporting with a virtual run, and for supporting MILITARY CHILDREN!

I’ve worked with children for over 8 years now! So, when I heard about this virtual event for military children, I was so excited to support! My best friend pushed me to finish and get my best mile so far! I chose a 5k because my husband had his 5k hike this week during basic training!
— Mariah, April 28, 2022

Put Your Hands Together For The 2022 Team!

We want to give a big SHOUT OUT to this amazing team and all their dedication!


Team Marine Parents has been accumulating mile after mile every week. For the week ending May 1st, our team racked up an astonishing 121.7 miles!! Great job, team!! Congratulations to all of Team Marine Parents.

Give a Big Welcome Back to Abigayle Tate!

Abigayle is back for her second year with TMP, supporting her MoM who is awaiting a kidney transplant.


Abby and her mom ran together with Team Marine Parents last year. This year, it's even more exciting for them to be back and running together! She is thrilled her mom can do some light activities now while she waits for a kidney transplant. Abby isn't your typical teenager; her Marine brother will be deploying soon, and she fully understands the added worry her mom will experience. Abby feels it, too. Getting in some activity together will help them both beat the deployment stress! Ooh Rah, Abby!

Let's Cheer Her Across The Finish Line!

Penny is competing in the Run With The Cows Half Marathon on May 14, 2022!


Coach Penny has been with TMP since 2016. She runs multiple marathons a year! She is an inspiration to our team and we want to cheer her on all the way across the finish line!

Good Luck Coach Penny!

Youngest TMP Member Also Does Track in School

Ethan is a long-distance runner for his school, and he's rocking it!


Ethan was born to run! He's been participating with Team Marine Parents for three years now. This year, Ethan is on his 7th-grade track team and he's rocking the meets! His 1600 meter time is 5 minutes 41 seconds! WOW! He has placed in the top three in several track meets for 1600 meter and 800 meter runs this spring. Congratulations Ethan, we're proud of you and glad you're a member of Team Marine Parents!

I started running up and down my grandma's 1/4 mile driveway to see if I could beat the car. I think my grandma just let me win, but it made me love running! My mom says I was born for running!
...Ethan St. Pierre

Despite Adversities, Marine MoM Returns to TMP!

Ooh Rah! It's exciting to have you back Michelle!


Michelle Tate has been a Team Marine Parents participant since 2020. Today we're thrilled that despite many adversities, she's back on the team for 2022! Though she is undergoing dialysis treatments, her service as a volunteer for the organization has never wavered. Her belief in Semper Family keeps her committed to supporting the families of Marines. Her doctor approved her doing light physical activity during her dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant; she immediately wanted to get back on TMP.

I am setting a fundraising goal of $500 for this year. I feel so blessed knowing that the money raised goes to support the brave men and women who have stepped forward to protect our freedoms.
- Michelle Tate

Tracy Lives a Healthier Lifestyle Through TMP

Team Marine Parents is part of her success story for 93-pound weight loss

5/1/2022 founder, Tracy Della Vecchia, participated in her first-ever live event as a Team Marine Parents participant. She's gone from not being able to walk to the end of her cul-de-sac to walking several 10Ks a month. Being part of Team Marine Parents has been a significant influence on her journey to health and weight loss.

TMP has been incredibly motivating for me! If I can do this, anyone can do this. I thank God every day that we started our Virtual Events because as the founder it was my duty to participate in our own events. But I couldn't. I've gone from only using a seated elliptical to walking miles every week. Thank you, TMP!

Good Luck Coach Penny!

April 23, 2022 Coach Penny will be running The Garmin Olathe Marathon!


I found TMP the first year I ran MCM 2016 and this will be my sixth year! I believe in supporting the mission of this organization and appreciate everyone who continues to support me! It is an enormous honor to run miles in dedication for those who have served and continue to serve. I have met so many parents of currently enlisted Marines, as well as Gold Star families, that encourage and motivate me to continue to train for a marathon, even when it's tough, I know they are going through much tougher missions... I also want to continue to honor all those who serve for our freedom, past, and present. Especially my TMP family who has become another family, former classmates who have served, and for my best friend, Jennifer Flemons Bader, whose dad was a retired Marine. Also supporting the brother of another running friend, Alisa Mueller, who lost her brother, U.S. Army Captain David J.P. Thompson, in Afghanistan in 2010. This year, I am a proud godmother of JP Kuhn, currently enlisted Marine who graduated in November 2020. Ooh-Rah!


It's not too late to get registered!!


Registration is still open! We have extended the dates for this event!! Get registered today! Running with a purpose!

$4,545 Raised so Far for 2022!

Thank you for supporting our TMP Runners' Fundraising Goals!


Go Team Marine Parents!! We are knocking this out of the park! Keep up the great work team. Don't forget to post your fundraising images when you are getting ready to do a run/event.

Let's Help Nickie Reach Her $500 Goal!

Nickie has set a goal of $500 for 2022!


I am a Proud Marine MoM, with my son earning his EGA in December of 2019. Even when he was at Parris Island, I was walking in 5ks on the weekend in honor of him. My son, along with all of his Marine Corps brothers and sisters serve as my source of inspiration. It was my way of staying connected with him, even though he didn't know it. My father was also a Marine and has served as my son's inspiration since joining the Marine Corps.

Happy Easter

From Team Marine Parents!


We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with friends and family! Happy Easter from all of us at Team Marine Parents!

April is Month of the Military Child

Because Kids Serve Too!


Being part of a military family provides children with many obstacles and challenges, whether it's relocating to a new place for the third time this year and not knowing anyone in your class again, not getting Grandma's hugs and kisses because you're 6,000 miles from home, or missing your favorite food or restaurant because it's not available where you currently live. There are a lot of sacrifices military children make so their parents can continue doing their military duties, but the biggest sacrifice they make is for us as Americans. They share their parents with over 300 million people so that we can all be safe, free, and live our normal lives.

Watch Out For The Finisher's Email!

TMP will send out an email with all the information for submitting finish times and photos!


You will receive an email from TMP with all the links and instructions for submitting your photos and finish times. Be on the lookout for this email! The subject line will read " Finisher's forms & links ". Everything you need will be in this email.

Ethan St. Pierre has set a fundraising goal of $500!

Let's Help Ethan Reach His Goal!!!


TMP's Ethan St. Pierre has set a fundraising goal for the 2022 season of $500 and he is looking for his first donation of the year!

SUPPORT OUR RUNNERS! Change your profile image!

Military Child Run is April 15-24th


Show your support for our runners by changing your profile image to the Military Child runner image. Show your support for MILITARY CHILDREN, our RUNNERS, and for our TROOPS with this social media profile image!

To use these images, download by right-clicking with a mouse, or typically a long press on a smartphone or device.

Show Your Support For Our Runners!

Make this image your social media profile image and show your support!


Share the Cause! If you participate in social media, we encourage you to share this page with your followers. A few days before the race, change your profile image to share that you are a runner in the event. Ask folks to join the Fan Squad to support you during your run by changing their profile image to the "Fan Squad."

To use these images, download by right-clicking with a mouse, or typically a long press on a smartphone or device.

Let's Help Sherri Reach Her Fundraising Goal!

Sherri has raised $420 of her $500 goal!!


I run with Team Marine Parents (TMP) because my one and only son is a Marine and my participation is the perfect way to honor his dedication and commitment to his country. He is an amazing soul and I am very proud of him. He runs occasionally with me which is even more exhilarating than a runner's high. Additionally, TMP is a supportive and encouraging running community.

Let's Help Coach Penny Reach Her Fundraising Goal!

Coach Penny has a fundraising goal of $300!


I found TMP the first year I ran MCM 2016 and this will be my sixth year! I believe in supporting the mission of this organization and appreciate everyone who continues to support me! It is an enormous honor to run miles in dedication for those who have served and continue to serve. I have met so many parents of currently enlisted Marines, as well as Gold Star families, that encourage and motivate me to continue to train for a marathon, even when it's tough, I know they are going through much tougher missions... I also want to continue to honor all those who serve our freedom, past, and present. Especially my TMP family who has become another family, former classmates who have served, and my best friend, Jennifer Flemons Bader, whose dad was a retired Marine. Also supporting the brother of another running friend, Alisa Mueller, who lost her brother, U.S. Army Captain David J.P. Thompson, in Afghanistan in 2010. This year, I am a proud godmother of JP Kuhn, currently enlisted Marine who graduated in November 2020. Ooh-Rah!

Coach Shannon is Back to Running!

Coach Shannon had a huge success!


Wednesday evening turned out to be a pretty good day for Coach Shannon! Inspired by her husband focusing on the positives every day, Coach Shannon has been attempting to do the same.

Help Becky Reach Her Fundraising Goal!

Let's help Becky reach her $500 fundraising goal!


Becky is a Proud Marine Mom & is back with TMP for her second year! Running was her way to connect with her son while he was in boot camp.

This is my second year running with TMP. I began running in Dec 2020 when my son started boot camp. It was a way that I felt I was able to connect with him. If he could go through boot camp and prepare to fight for our country, I could definitely run a few miles.

When I found out about TMP, it was a great way to connect with other people who have been where I am and a way to be accountable.

My goal is to run an event every month and help raise money for

Let's Help Lauren Reach Her Goal!

Lauren has set a fundraising goal of $500! Let's help her get there!


I am excited to be a runner for Team Marine Parents! This is my first year as a participant however, I have been with, Inc. since the day it started. I am the daughter of the founder Tracy Della Vecchia and the sister to Marine Derrick Jensen: the reason the organization exists. I have been "behind the scenes" working my way up from print operator to retail & production manager to now overseeing marketing and fiscal.

Let's Help Alysia Reach Her Fundraising Goal!

Alysia has set a fundraising goal of $500! Let's help her get there!


Hello TMP!! It's great to be back for another year! I am excited to get this year going! I had never been a runner until 2019 when Lauren & I went to Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon to support TMP. Watching all those people running in the pouring down rain, holding flags, and all the support they had, it was so moving and I wanted that! So, I started walking/running and doing 5 & 10K's here locally, and then in 2020, we did our very first Marathon! It was virtual, but the feeling I got from finishing that, nothing compares!

Let's Help David Reach His Goal of $500

David has a fundraising goal of $500, let's help him get there!


I am excited to join TMP for the 2022 season! I love fitness and have been saying I was going to get back into running for a long time now. I think joining this team will give me the push I need to finally follow through on that. I have been working at Marine Parents for 5 years now. I started as a writer and have since added responsibilities such as website maintenance.

Way To Go Elisa!

Elisa completes 10.5 miles for The Rosie The Riveter Virtual Run!!!


I originally began this challenge to honor my daughter who was in boot camp. It was supposed to be just 3 miles and only Pilates. As time moved on I was inspired to do 10.5 miles and add the hike mostly incline. In the end, I "ran" to honor all of my friends who have served the greatest country on planet earth. You are my forever heroes! Semper Fi!
....Elisa Salcido Chavez

Congratulations Stacy Mortz!

Stacy completed a 5k in 24:46 for The Rosie The Riveter Virtual Run!


I did this virtual run for my son who graduated from Golf Company ~ Platoon 2021 on March 18, 2022. I raised my HERO, my HERO made me a Marine M❤️M!! Congratulations to my son and all of his fellow Marines... Semper Fi
....Stacy Mortz

Ethan's First Track Meet!

Congratulations Ethan on medaling in your first track meet!


I'm Ethan, and I started running from the moment I could walk. My mom used to run behind me at 10-months old, holding the hood of my jacket to catch me if I fell.

My Great Aunt was one of the first members of Team Marine Parents in 2004 before I was born. She ran three Marine Marathons to honor my Uncle Derrick, a Marine who deployed three times to combat. My mom, Lauren, works at MarineParents. She joined Team Marine Parents and asked if I would do some runs and walks with her.

Help TMP's Bethany Boutah

Bethany has a fundraising goal of $500 & has raised $180! Let's help her get to $500!!


Bethany is a Proud Bonus Marine Mom! She is back for her second year as a TMP participant and has set her fundraising goal at $500 for 2022.

I am a baker in the Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. I'm a Marine Bonus Mom and the sister and granddaughter of lifelong Airmen. I decided to join TMP because I wanted to be able to do something local to show the support of my Bonus Son Marine and our Military families. This is my second year and I am looking forward to running again for this awesome team!

Congratulations Pamela!!

Pamela completes The MCM 17.75!


Pamela is a Proud Marine Mom! She completed the Marine Corps 17.75 in 1:55:14! Wow! She will also be running the Devil Dog Double in May in person and the Marine Corps Marathon live in October!

Completed my virtual Marine Corps 17.75K today! Looking forward to the in-person Devil dog double in May and MCM in October!
-Pamela Gondola

Welcome Back Paul!

We Are Excited To Have Paul Neidhardt Back For Another Year With TMP!


Paul is back for his 4th year with Team Marine Parents. We are excited to have him on the team this year!

I've always enjoyed running and used it as a meditation, an escape, a place to find some calm in my life. In 2015 my son joined the Marines and needed that calm even more than ever. I became involved with MPRP as a volunteer. Learning about Boot Camp and the Corps while helping other parents going through the same trials and stresses helped even more.
- Paul Neidhardt

Welcome to TMP Laura Stager

Big round of applause for Laura!


Team Marine Parents is excited to welcome Laura Stager to the team! Volunteering for MarineParents when her Marine first joined the Marine Corps is how Laura kept herself busy.

Let's Get The Word Out About Our Virtual Runs!

2022 Virtual Run Posters: Print to Share!


We'd love your help encouraging your community to participate in the 2022 Virtual Runs! Our posters for the 2022 Virtual runs are ready for you to print and display in your gym, office, clubs, churches, synagogues, and anywhere you can find a bulletin board (with permission, please)!

Congratulations to Lena Pugh

Lena completed the Rosie VR by walking her 5K in 00:48:49!


I usually walk these events together with my Poole/RCT/Marine moms in TN. We call ourselves USMC Moms of TN. Support from other moms was so wonderful when my son went through Boot Camp in July-Oct 2020. I wanted to offer this same support to other moms, so we are now partnering together with my son's Recruiting Officer and getting the support out there, here in Mid TN. The bond between MoMs is like no other. Our sons and daughters have made us sisters. 🖤

Congratulations Katy!

Katy completed her Rosie VR 10k in 00:59:35!


It ended up being a great run! I run a lot these days for a brother-in-law who is learning to walk again after falling out of a tree last July &, among other things, shattering his pelvis. He has always been an active guy & he's working hard to get back to being able to be active!

Congratulations To Our TMP Runners!!!

TMP completes MCM 17.75 in 03:16:00!!! WOOHOO!


On March 27, 2022, Founder Tracy Della Vecchia, daughter Lauren Brandkamp, Grandson Ethan St. Pierre, Alysia Simmons, & daughter Destanie Todd completed the MCM 17.75. They completed this event in 3 hours and 16 minutes!

Spending time together with the kids, the good conversation just makes these events that much better! Cannot wait for the Devil Dog Double!
- Alysia Simmons

Welcome to TMP Luisa Aciares

Luisa is finding motivation through her son enlisting in the Marine Corps.


Luisa had run in the past with her son, finding motivation and inspiration when she would challenge herself to an event. She had been on a hiatus from running when her son decided to join the Marine Corps.

Her son is following his dream to become a Marine, and this inspired Luisa to get back to running. Luisa found so much support from MarineParents when her son started this journey, joining Team Marine Parents is her way to say thank you!

April is Military Child Month

Come join us for this virtual event to support Military children.


Because KIDS serve, too! Established in 1986, April is the Month of the Military Child. Help bring awareness to the sacrifices military children must make and take time to show your thanks. Honor a military family or encourage a child to participate in a portion of the run with you. Participate virtually with other military and Veteran supporters and Veterans around the globe.

Let's Welcome Stephanie Carter to the Team!

Stephanie is here for her first year with TMP!


Stephanie is joining us from Colorado! She is a geologist that manages mining operations on federal minerals in eastern Colorado. She is a mom of 3 boys and her Marine graduated from MCRD and is currently in the ITB.

I have run many 5Ks, a 13K, and even ran with my mom, aunt, and cousin in the Kentucky Derby relay marathon. I love running. It is my me time and helps me both mentally and physically. I still play volleyball, do HIIT workouts, hunt, and just recently started taking Krav Maga classes. But running is my quiet!

MCM 17.75 Go Team!

Good Luck to Our TMP Runners Participating in This Event This Weekend!


The MCM 17.75 represents the year the Marine Corps was founded. This is an 11.03-mile run. Our participants are doing this virtually this year. We want to say good luck to our runners! Semper Fi! We cannot wait to see the photos!!

Have You Registered Yet?

Get signed up and let's run with a purpose!


TMP Virtual Runs are physical activity events completed by participants in their own communities during a specific time frame each month. Participants choose the type and length of activity they wish to complete for each "run". Physical activity may be a run or walk, biking, swimming, using a stationary bike or other exercise equipment, or any other physical activity. Participants choose the distance for the event, whether 5k, 10k, 2 miles, 1/2 Marathon, or even a Marathon!

Good luck Coach Penny

TMP's Coach Penny to Participate in event March 26th


Coach Penny will be participating in the Liberty Hospital Half Marathon this today!

Want to Support a TMP Runner?

Get on Board With Team Marine Parents Fan Squad!


Wait, what is that I hear?? Is that the Fan Squad?! LET'S GO TMP, LET'S GO!

Having a support team as a runner is motivating. When your friends and family are wearing their Fan Squad gear and cheering you on from the sidelines, you feel unstoppable!

Let's Welcome Melissa Zamp to TMP!!

Excited To Have You On The 2022 Team Melissa!


Melissa just completed her training to be a volunteer for Marine Parents. She is now a Group Guide for 2nd Battalion Golf Company San Diego. She is a VERY PROUD MARINE MOM as well as a VERY PROUD DANCE MOM!

Office Staff Walking with Mendy

The virtual run that holds more meaning than meets the eye.


Mendy is a special-needs adult who has worked at Marine Parents two hours a day since 2010. She started out volunteering and when she lost her job as a janitor at Walmart in 2011, we hired her part-time to do some work with us. Her birthday is about the same time as the Rosie the Riveter run. The staff in the building walked a mile with Mendy and she got her first-ever medal. She couldn't have been more proud and it was a great birthday for her! We love you Mendy and so glad we got to walk this mile with you!

Welcome Back Katy Swanson

She is back for her 3rd year!


Team Marine Parents is excited to welcome back Katy Swanson for her 3rd year! Katy's Marine made the decision this year to pursue his future by transitioning out of the Marine Corps. However this year Katy decided she wanted to keep running with TMP. Katy has a long list of events for the year and is hoping to make the live Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.

Check Out This Spartan Sprint Finisher!

Congratulations on your First Spartan Sprint!


The 5k that will change your life. The Sprint is the first stop for many. But not for Mitzi! She is gearing up for another Spartan Sprint in late April! 20 obstacles to challenge your strength, endurance & speed! Luckily Mitzi had her son on Facetime helping her push through! Talk about motivation!

The best part of the day was hearing my son's voice via FaceTime while pushing to get over the AFrame!!
.....Mitzi Woods

Founder Completes Rosie the Riveter Virtual Run

Tracy Della Vecchia and her Grandson Complete 10K


As the founder of, Tracy has recently embraced fitness and will be participating in every Virtual Run sponsored by She's lost 90 pounds in the last year and has now completed more than ten 10Ks. This was a particularly powerful walk for her during Women's History Month and in honor of Rosie the Riveter.

Ethan was a baby in a stroller when we were looking for new office space for Marine Parents. He's grown up with Marine Parents. And he was born to run. But once in a while, he'll slow down to walk with his Grandma. I couldn't be more blessed.

Are You Ready to Join TMP?

January 8, 2022

We're ready to start building our 2022 Team Marine Parents!! Are you ready to join?

If you're a runner or are thinking about how to keep those New Years' resolutions, this is just the inspiration you need! As a supporter of Marines, this is the perfect way to show your pride, help raise funds for the organization (19 years strong!), and keep your commitment to fitness! With our virtual runs, it's easy to sign up for affordable events without the expense of travel.

For more information, click the link to the left.

Still Time to Register for The Let's Roll Hero Run!

January 7, 2022

Start 2022 off with a Virtual Event in your own town!! Register today!

January is the perfect month to make a commitment to fitness and our Virtual Runs are a perfect way to help you keep your commitment! We've got 11 runs scheduled this year. We're kicking off January with our "Let's Roll Hero Run" virtual run where you run for your "Hero", whoever that may be. Who's your hero? Register today and let's roll in the new year with your hero and a fitness goal! Participate virtually with other military and Veteran supporters around the globe.

YOU choose the fitness activity and distance, whether biking, running, walking, or your favorite exercise equipment! Start slowly and build up your distance each month. For a “virtual run” there is no travel involved; you’ll complete your activity in your own community, your local gym, or even your own backyard.

Dates are January 14-16, 2022. Participants need to complete their run by January 16, 2022. In the case of inclement weather, the run needs to be completed by the end of January.

Hawk Hundred

TMP Running in the Hawk Hundred Marathon

Added September 17, 2019

On September 07, 2019, Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participant, Penny Terwelp, participated in the Hawk Hundred Marathon. This year was the Ninth Annual Hawk Hundred Marathon, and it takes place in Lawerence, KS.

Click here to read more.

Semper Five 5k

TMP Running in the Semper Five 5k

Added September 17, 2019

On September 14, 2019, Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participants, Heather Pentifallo and Stephanie Longdo, participated in the Semper Five. This year was the 5th annual Semper Five 5k, and this course takes place in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Click here to read more.

Venice Half Marathon

TMP Running in the Venice Half Marathon

Added September 17, 2019

On September 14, 2019, Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participant, Karin Jacobs, participated in the Venice Half Marathon. The Venice Half Marathon takes place in South Florida.

Click here to read more.


TMP Running in the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon

Added September 17, 2019

On September 14, 2019, Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participant, Amador Nunez, participated in the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon. This marathon takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, and took place on the second Saturday of September every year.

Click here to read more.

Heroes Run

TMP Running for Military Heroes

Added August 27, 2019

On August 24, 2019, one of our Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participants, Erika Devenney, participated in the 9th annual Military Heroes 5/10k Run. The event was held at Byron Nelson High School, Trophy Club in Roanoke, TX. The funds are raised to support America's fighting service members who have suffered injuries while defending our freedom.

Click here to read more.

Colts 5K

TMP Running for Indianapolis Colts 5K

Added August 27, 2019

On August 24, 2019, Dawnn Bonnema, one of our Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participants, took part in the Indianapolis Colts 5K. While participating in this event, she set a personal record of 40 minutes!

Click here to read more.

Mes Falls Marathon

TMP Running for Mesa Falls Marathon

Added August 26, 2019

On August 24, 2019, Team Marine Parents (TMP) Participant, Amador Nunez, participated in the Mesa Falls Marathon. The Mesa Falls Marathon takes place in Ashton, Idaho and is held on the fourth Saturday of August each year.

Click here to read more.

Larry Diggs

MarineParents Supports 94 Year Old WWII Marine Combat Veteran, Larry Diggs

Added May 9, 2018 took on this extreme restoration project to support 94 year old WWII Marine Combat Veteran, Larry Diggs. We raised over $12,000, recruited 120 volunteers from Veterans United, and hired Lanier Landscaping to get this job done in one day. The project included tearing down and rebuilding a retaining wall, which was affecting the structure of the Diggs' home, removing and trimming overgrown and dead plants, and creating a low maintenance landscape with weed barrier and rock.

Click here to watch our video recap.

Added March 31, 2018

Embracing all Stages of Marine Parents

Embracing all Stages of Marine Parents

Added March 16, 2018

The following was written by the founder and Executive Director of, Inc., Tracy Della Vecchia, in August, 2016.

In 2003 I started as a way to stay in touch with family members whose Marines were headed into combat with my Marine son. Each of our outreach programs mirrored my own son's journey through his Marine Corps career. As important as that was, it was even more important that I put my feet in the shoes of our Purple Heart families, our Gold Star families, our Combat Recovery and Post Traumatic Stress families, and our families reintegrating into civilian life. At the same time, it was critical that we provided support to the parents whose sons and daughters were new to the Marine Corps in boot camp, SOI and MOS schooling.

Click here to continue reading.

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief 2017 Recap Provides Disaster Relief to Two Families in Puerto Rico

Added February 1, 2018

We here at have always been committed to helping those who sacrifice so much for us. When the series of devastating hurricanes began in the Atlantic and the Gulf in August 2017, began a disaster relief fundraiser. We were able to raise $5,110 to help families who applied for assistance. This gave us the opportunity to provide disaster relief to two Marine families in Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Click here to read more.


We've got Marine Corps Marathon Bibs!

Buy Your Bib Through for TMP Today!

March 12, 2015

For the third straight year, Team Marine Parents is a charity partner of the MCM, meaning you can buy a bib from us without having to go through the lottery process. This year we have 50 bibs available at a cost of $130 per bib.

Read more

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