TMP Fan Squad Social Media Image

What is the TMP Fan Squad™? It's a group of individuals who provide the inspiration, the encouragement, and the backbone of support to the members of Team Marine Parents. Our runners agree that training and competing is much easier when someone is cheering them on! This means that the TMP Fan Squad is as important as the runners on Team Marine Parents. Join the fan squad and cheer the team to the finish line!

There is power in numbers on social media. Help us spread the word about Team Marine Parents across Facebook and other social media platforms. For the weekend of October 25-27, 2019, please change your profile image to show your support of the TMP members who will be participating in this year's Marine Corps Marathon.

To change your profile image, just right click and save on one of the two photos below. The first photo is for TMP Fan Squad members, i.e. the family and friends of runners or any supporters of TMP. The second photo is for TMP runners to use as their social media profile photo.

Fan Squad
Fan Squad
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