Team Marine Parents Fan Squad

What is the TMP Fan Squad™? It's a group of individuals who provide the inspiration, the encouragement, and the backbone of support for the TMP participants. Our runners agree that training and competing is much easier when someone is cheering them on! The TMP Fan Squad is as important as the runners on Team Marine Parents. Join the fan squad and cheer the team to the finish line!

Fan Squad

Whether you join the TMP Fan Squad online or in-person, we need your help to cheer our runners to the finish line! Choose the participants and/or events you would like to cheer, and join us!


Purchase your TMP Fan Squad t-shirt from our online store and we'll send the fan squad kit at no charge. Click for TMP Fan Squad Shirt


There is power in social media numbers. You can show your support of TMP members participating in the Marine Corps Marathon by changing your profile picture at any point during the virtual completion date range: October 1 - November 10, 2020.

Change Your Profile Picture

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Our TMP Fan Squad shirt is for the fans cheering our runners at Team Marine Parents events including the Marine Corps Marathon. Show your pride and enthusiasm and catch your runner's attention! Add a free Fan Squad kit to your order, which includes four wristbands and four button pins. Support your runner and represent Team Marine Parents and the outreach programs of, Inc.

Click for Fan Squad T-shirt

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