After You've Registered

Thank you for registering as a member of Team Marine Parents. We're looking forward to working with you this year and appreciate your commitment to and fundraising for our outreach programs.

Coaches: Shannon and Penny

Team Coaches Holly, Shannon, and Penny

We've notified your TMP Coaches, Shannon, Penny, and the TMP coordinators Lauren and Tracy, that you've signed up for Team Marine Parents and they're getting an initial email ready to send off to you by the next business day. They are going to be asking you for your bio and photo, so get that ready. Or, you can email it directly to them at Lauren, Tracy, Shannon, and Penny will be your hostesses, mentors, coaches, and fans! If you have questions, they have answers and are ready to point you in the right direction.

Tracy will put together a packet of information for you and get it in the mail. The packet will include information, brochures, and tips for fundraising. Shannon and Penny will encourage you to set some fundraising goals to assure you get your TMP Training shirt before your event(s).

Meet the Rest of the Team!

We are going BIGGER, BOLDER, and even MORE OOH RAH for 2022! There is no other team out there that has more passion and dedication than TMP. Our team members are the parents, family members, and dedicated supporters of the US Marines. Ooh Rah Team Marine Parents! Click here to meet your fellow 2022 teammates.

What's Next For You?

First, we'd like say "thank you" one more time! We appreciate your commitment to the organization and supporting our troops.

Second, we will need a short biography about you, the reasons you are competing as a member of Team Marine Parents, and one or two photos of you, your family, or whatever you'd like to share for your donation page. (Did we mention this already? Okay, so it's really really important! Send us a bio and photo!)

To see examples of TMP participant pages, see 2021 Team Members.

Your donation page will be set up about 24 hours after you submit your bio and photos.

If you'd like a Place to Connect & Share® with other TMP Participants and the TMP Fan Squad, we encourage you to join our private TMP Facebook Group.

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