Meet TMP's Team #RunWithMarineMoMs

Team has raised $1835 of a $1775 goal.


Team #RunWithMarineMoMs

Team will be participating in the following for 2022:

40th Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 25, 2015
Location: Arlington, VA

103% $1835 Complete

"The only thing tougher than the Marines...the Women who raised them!"

Marine Parents is a connecting entity for friendship, support and direction. Supporting their programs with fundraising is a joy and a privilege to help other families navigate the many paths that occur during a Marine's Service.

Without Marine Parents #RunWithMarineMoMs would not exist. These MoMs (Mothers of Marines) are all from different states (Kentucky, Indiana, New York & Virginia), have never met in person and yet one thing makes them family, The Marine Corps. Each of these incredible women has her own story of how she became a runner. They come together in honor of their sons and family members who serve and have served our country and to honor one of their own MoMs, who will not be able to run, Melissa Flynn. She is an inspiration of faith, strength and endurance as she battles a rare cancer. Marine Parents has given them the connection to become Semper Family!

Meet Sherry Canzano, Cheryl Fairfield, Amy Moreno and Lisa Olson together they are Team #RunWithMarineMoMs

Sherry Canzano - If I remember correctly it was March 27th, 2013 right around noon. For some crazy reason I thought I would register for the MCM. My fingers weren't fast enough and it was sold out within 2 hours. I couldn't believe how disappointed I was; especially since I really wasn't in any kind of shape to run 26 miles. A few days later I read about Team Marine Parents and how they still had bibs for the MCM. I was still on a quest to show my love and support for our troops, so what better way. What a tremendous honor to raise funds and awareness for Team Marine Parents and their outreach programs. With the support from MoMs and friends and family I was able to cross the finish line and receive my medal. What a glorious experience. So here I go again, 60 years young and gearing up to cross that finish line once again to raise awareness and show my support for our troops. God Bless America! Oohrah!

Cheryl Fairfield - I am wife, mother and runner! That last one was not always so. Yes I ran around getting our boys from one activity to another. I even walked really fast to see them at different points in the XC races. I thought those runners out there were crazy and I could never do what they do. Then in 2012 our youngest son left for Parris Island and I met these MoMs on Marine Family Network and was prodded to be more fit. Running was also time to pray for our boys, Matt at college and Jake at boot camp. I found encouragement from the MoMs and my biggest discovery, I could run hhhmmm. Inspired by another MoM's posts of her MCM, I was determined to one day run the MCM. It turned out that was sooner rather than later. After what became an endurance test all its own, 4 minutes before it sold out, I got one in 2013 MCM! October 27, 2013 I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. In 2014 due to a family death I was unable to participate. Having to delay after training all year was a test of my resolve to finish again. This year I go into training with an attitude of gratitude for my family, my health to run and a goal for a sub 5 finish on my favorite scripture;2 Timothy 1:7 God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.

Amy Moreno - I'm a wife and mother of three young adults, living in Northern VA. I began running indoors on my treadmill 8 years or so ago to help with stress, and when my treadmill broke, I hesitantly started running outdoors, thinking it would be a bit embarrassing, since I wasn't a great runner. Since that time I have fallen in love with running and have run 3 Marine Corps Marathons and another in Tallahassee. The Marine Corps Marathon was my first marathon and is my favorite. Running brings me peace, helps me to think more clearly and stay in better shape. It has been a very important part of my life ever since I hit the open roads.

Lisa Olson - I am a Mother of 2, a wife, I've been running 5k's half marathons and 2 marathons the last 4 years, I love my lifestyle change and running . My Marine left for boot camp Jan 27, 2014, I am so proud of him For serving our country. My brother was a Marine and I had a cousin which also served as a marine. My husband served Army, Proud being a marine sister, Army wife, and Marine Mom, have to say Being the Marine Mom is the toughest. He is stationed, Iwakuni Japan. My daughter is getting married this year another proud Momma moment, her and I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013, My first ever marathon at 46 years, (what was I thinking) I love running for great causes. When I chose to run MCM last year, it was in honor of Kyle and his brothers, 3rd BTN Mike Co. This year, I am proud to run it again, in honor all of marine Mom's.. And I am proud to run it with a group of other MoM's. Sometimes just thanking someone who served/or is serving for our country isn't enough.. Your small donation will HELP out a serviceman/or woman or their families.Some people never get to meet their HERO me I raised mine. Always Faithful!!!

Megan Olson - I am only a mother to fur babies but I chose to run with marine moms because of my brother Kyle who is stationed in Iwakuni, Japan so now I have been left with a marine mom. It's not always easy for her and there are so many emotions from happy, sad, proud etc. she deals with. My mother Lisa is the one who introduced me to this group. We ran the Chicago marathon in 2013 together. I am happy I decided to run with the marine moms this year. What you guys have to go through is not easy. I am here to support all of our Marines and those who serve. 2015 will be a great year for me. I am getting married in June, taking boards for nursing and running another marathon for a great cause!

Psalm 26:2 says,
"Test me O Lord, and try me, test my mind and my heart."

Every day of is a test
Do you have it in you to be strong?
Can you lean on God to help you to be stronger?
Do you have the motivation?
Are you willing to get out there and work hard?


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