Meet TMP's Team Manganiello

Team has raised $825 of a $700 goal.


Team Manganiello

Team will be participating in the following for 2022:

40th Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 25, 2015
Location: Arlington, VA

118% $825 Complete

Sharon Manganiello

Hello my name is Sharon,

I chose to run the MCM being a part of the Warrior Support Team as this gives me the opportunity to help, support and give back to our son & his family, our grandson and all of the Men, Women and their Families who serve to give us the gift of freedom.

I am an extremely proud Mom of a very dedicated Marine. He joined the Marines right after graduating high school in 1996.

When he was very young he told his dad & myself he wanted to be a Marine he never lost his focus or gave up on his dream to become one of the few, one of the proud, a Marine!

We never want him to forget what he means to us and how proud and grateful we are for his service.

Nick was a mentor to his nephew who graduated high school in 2013 and like his uncle whom he admires so much had a goal & a dream to become a Marine like his uncle. He followed in his foot steps and joined the Marines after graduation in 2013.

I am very proud to say that in honor of my son and grandson, I run this race with the utmost pride, respect and a full heart!

Thank you..

Semper Fi

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A very proud Marine Mom & Grandparent..

Sharon Manganiello

Anthony Manganiello

Well hello there to whomever might be reading this, but to the important part my name is Anthony John Manganiello. I am a junior at Dixie Hollins High School in Kenneth City, Florida and I am running this marathon to support my cousin and uncle. I want to run the marathon to give back to what they and others have done to serve our country. Running this may be a small step, but it's going to a good foundation in the end and that's all that really matters. I am 17 years old and even though I do not want to be a part of the Marines or any branch of military, I think it would be good to at least support my two family members that are a part of a great cause.

Corey Manganiello

Hi, my name is Corey Manganiello and I am running the 26.2 Marine Marathon. I like to play sports such as soccer and hockey. The reason I am running the marathon is to support the troops that are fighting for us. Especially my cousin and my uncle.

I look up to both of them and they are my heroes. I love them very much and give them all my support. That is why I am doing this marathon.


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