Meet TMP's Team Albany Running Mamas

Team Albany has raised $1600 of a $1500 goal.


Team Albany Running Mamas

Team Albany will be participating in the following for 2022:

40th Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 25, 2015
Location: Arlington, VA

107% $1600 Complete

The Albany Running Mamas are a group of dozens of women who leave behind hundreds of kids to run thousands of miles every year. We hit the roads and trails before the sun rises and after everyone is tucked into bed.

This year we are thrilled to be running the Marine Corps Marathon! Three of us are officially part of Team Marine Parents, raising funds to support programs for soldiers and their families during and after their incredible service.

Kristen Diesel--mother of 2, commercial real estate analyst and leasing manager--began running solo in 2005, but fell in love with running after meeting the Mamas in 2012. She prefers long runs on unknown routes, surprised by any awesome scenery or challenging inclines. This is her second marathon.

Melissa Mansfield--mother of twins, healthcare public relations communicator, and proud daughter of a Vietnam Vet/Marine--started running in 2011. She loves nighttime runs under the stars, particularly firefly runs with the Mamas at a nearby (hilly!) golf course. This is her first marathon.

Kelly Mateja--mother of 3, aging services professional, and daughter of a Navy SeaBee began running after the birth of her first child 11 years ago. Her favorite runs are enthusiastic predawn hill repeats in the suburbs of Albany, N.Y. This is her third marathon, second Marine Corps Marathon.

We are moms, dedicated to our (amazingly supportive) families, community, and helping our neighbors. We are proud to support Team Marine Parents, and all the moms (and dads) of those serving.


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