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Frederick Moss

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41st Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 30, 2016
Location: Arlington, VA

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Good day All,

Foremost, thanks for visiting the Team website. As you can see from perusing the site, Team Marine Parents' mission is extremely important to the national security of this country. Benefiting Marines that serve or have served, its a way to support their families while Marines go about taking care of the business of this nation called Freedom.

I am "Moss," the name most of my friends and family call me. Ive served this country for the better part of my adult life. If you include the Naval Sea Cadets and JROTC while in high school, Ive been in somebodys uniform all my life. I did JROTC in high school and upon graduation, the very next day, I found myself in basic training, San Diego CA in the US Navy. I am a combat veteran of both Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Im still trying to figure out how all this happened, but I now serve the country in the greatest land component on earth, the U.S. Army. My current duty status is active, and began in earnest after September 11, 2001. Team Moss is a military family, both my Wife, Battle, and I serve and have deployed to places somewhat unfriendly, sandy, austere and extremely hot.

Prior to my own commitment to the armed services, I grew up in a house with a Marine. My Dad, Terry Williams served in Vietnam, 0311 Infantry, USMC 1968-70. I can only imagine what that service meant during that particular conflict. I have pictures of him on the USS Ranger headed to Vietnam. I wonder what he was thinking as the distance closed towards the shore of Vietnam.

During his time, he lost comrades, fellow Marines and friends, both in the bush and here in the United States. A silent giant, he made sure you knew his grit and grind was cast during his upbringing, then in service to his country, and, most importantly, in the Marine Corps.

My Mom and Dad, Terry and Sherry Williams ran an extremely TIGHT ship. I cant begin to describe the mentorship, corrective action, and personal/professional development sessions I received. More importantly was the way he instilled the value of service to the nation, the values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. He also shared how he and his comrades were received when they returned from the fight overseas and entered the turmoil here at home. Their reception was not our countrys finest hour.

This is the reason I run. This is my small token of appreciation for my Dad and his comrades in the Corps who served our country in Vietnam. Every mile completed will be dedicated not only to my Pops, but also to the many Marines who served valiantly in Vietnam.

Team Marine Parents has many outreach programs for active duty, reserve, and veterans. The organization accomplishes this via care packages for deployed Marines, prayers and letters to wounded, ill, and injured troops and veterans among many others. My goal is to raise $500.00 to help support our troops and their families. The goal is to raise $500.00 or more to assist with this effort.

Again, you can help me support Team Marine Parents by clicking the "Donate" button on my profile page. As my Pops always ended his conversations, Semper Fidelis. Lets Go Team!!!

Class of 2016
Marine Corps Marathon


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