Meet TMP's Steven Darrall

Steven has raised $576.3 of a $500 goal.


Steven Darrall

Steven will be participating in the following for 2022:

41st Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 30, 2016
Location: Arlington, VA

115% $576.3 Complete

My name is Steven Darrall, and I have a secret: I never liked running. I cheered for my girlfriend in all of her runs, and was always amazed at what she and her fellow runners were capable of doing, and I always wondered what it would be like to do that - but no way on earth did I have any interest in it myself. I like cheering, not running. I was always content to stand on the sideline. I never thought I would find myself running. Running from something, if it was chasing me, maybe. But never running otherwise.

My girlfriend, Siobhan, began training with a group about 10 months ago, getting up at 4 and 5 in the morning so she could get in a run before work. I would wake up to say good morning, then fall back asleep. Then one morning, after she told me about how supportive the group was, and how easy it was to go at any pace, I got up with her, put on the only shorts I had that weren't cargo shorts, and staggered out into the pre-dawn light. I did it, slowly, but I did it.

That's when it started. I would go with her twice a week, then sometimes on the weekend. Three miles, then four. Five, a couple times. Siobhan was training for a longer run - a half-marathon I think, though she was by that point registered to run her first marathon - the 40th Marine Corps Marathon. She was going to do 2 loops around the lake - ten miles. I told her I would do one loop with her, then sit in the car and sleep while she did the second loop. As we came to the car, I felt pretty good. 'One more mile,' I told her, 'and I'll head back.' Mile Six passed by, passing by the bench where I proposed to her, then Mile Seven. I was running out of steam, feeling every step. But I kept going. At Mile Nine, it hit me, and I told Siobhan: "I can run a half- marathon."

So I ran with Siobhan, I ran on my own, and a few months later, I did it. I ran my first half-marathon. It was amazing. Siobhan was with me every step of the way- literally. Of course, just a few weeks before that, Siobhan had completed her first marathon. As I watched her cross the finish line, so proud of her, I thought to myself, I like cheering, not running. But maybe...

So here I am. I'm not a runner's runner - I am not big into the zen of running, and to me, runner's high is cresting a big hill. But the thing I've learned I really, really love about it, is that, with nothing but my shoes and my will, I can put feet to the ground and cover miles. I can accomplish something I never dreamed possible.

When I started, I wanted the races I took part in to mean a little something more. Since I wasn't going to set any records, I wanted, if at all possible, to have them be for good causes. I've done them for a number of different causes (especially for cancer research - I'm a 5 year survivor). Siobhan knew I was looking to do something meaningful, and Marine Parents is the perfect choice. My father served with the Army in Korea during the war, as did Siobhan's father. Some of the best men I have known have served in the military. I can't imagine a more worthy cause than helping the people who serve the country, and their families.

I am nervous - I've never tried anything like this before. But I'm so, so excited - because I've never tried anything like this before.


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