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Becca DePenning

Becca will be participating in the following for 2022:

42nd Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 22, 2017
Location: Washington DC

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Hello, and thank you for stopping by! A little bit about myself ... I am a Christian, single mama to two young men, and master (kinda) of one awesome dog Buddy. I'm a chips and salsa aficionado, coffee lover, and outdoor adventurer!

My older son recently earned the coveted title of United States Marine, and the volunteers of's Lima Company Facebook group were phenomenal in helping me and many other parents navigate through our Recruits boot camp experience. Accordingly, I am inspired to give back to MarineParents, not only by helping to raise funds but also highlighting opportunities for others to support our Marines through the organization's outreach programs.

I recently decided that I wanted to set myself a meaningful personal challenge, to do something Ive never done before. So why the Marine Corps Marathon? For the most part, it is to honor my sons service as a United States Marine. Plus, a friend has stated it is life changing and I would actually like that ... a lot!

Your donation can help in so many ways, for example: since its founding in 2003, the organization has invested over $1 million in support by sending care packages to combat deployed troops; by providing support, resources and programs for our wounded heroes in military hospitals across the USA; and by providing education and support for family members during their Marine's career.

When you support me through Team Marine Parents, you are putting your energy behind an organization that has been helping American troops and their families for over a decade. puts more than 93% of donated funds into programs that directly benefit our troops and their families.

Our Marines sacrifice so much while serving our nation. Join me now in serving them our support can help change lives!! Thank you very much for your support to this amazing charity. Your donation truly means so much to both myself personally and, of course, to our Marines and their families, knowing you are behind them in their service to our great nation.


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