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My son was 8 yrs old when he announced he was going to be a Marine. That was the beginning of one amazing journey, not just for him but also for me. Throughout the following years he never changed his course so the day finally came for us to visit the recruiters office and sign the papers. He was 17 and like any mother I was proud but also terrified of the unknown. I remember asking him the night before he was to leave for Recruit Training what it was that made him choose this path. He simply answered without hesitation, " Mom, this country has given us so much and now it's time for me to give something back."

Four years ago he earned that title and has just completed his second tour. I've seen the transformation in him from the adventures and obstacles that he has experienced and felt that I could do so much more in supporting him and others as well. Before he enlisted we would run together and running a marathon has always been on my bucket list. So when I discovered TMP I thought this was a great opportunity to conquer my own obstacles and push myself to limits I never have before. And what better way than by supporting those who sacrifice for our right and privilege to do so.


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