Meet TMP's Darlene Bonczkowski

Darlene has raised $535 of a $500 goal.


Darlene Bonczkowski

Darlene will be participating in the following for 2021:

Boot Camp Challenge
Date: October 14, 2017
Location: MCRD, San Diego, CA

107% $535 Complete

My name is Darlene and Iím the proud parent of 4 amazing kiddos. My oldest is going through Marine Corps Boot Camp as we speak. I was looking for something to do, more specifically a workout to do everyday in his honor while he is gone. In doing so I came across Team Marine Parents (TMP). Their mission is to raise funds and awareness of their outreach programs via athletic events (they had me at athletic).

As a Fitness Professional for over 20 years I couldnít resist the opportunity to find an event to participate in. Low and behold I found just the one in none other thanÖSan Diego!!! And get this, ďRun Where Marines Are Made.Ē Yes, itís the same obstacle course my son and his fellow Marines train on, so how can I resist! My Marine and I will complete it together.

Iíve participated in a 5K /10K hear and there over the years. Iíve done well in Natural Bodybuilding competitions (last 2 at the age of 30). Iíve completed the Tough Mudder as well as Battle Grounds, but nothing recently. To be honest with youÖ Iíve gotten comfortable. Yes even 50 year old ďfitness professionalsĒ get comfortable and content. Well no more!!!

I canít think of a better way to honor my son. That said, Iím asking you to help me reach my goal and support these brave, selfless men and women, as well as their families.

From the bottom of my heart Thank You, God Bless, Semper Fi, and OOH-RAH!!!


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