Meet TMP's Katy Swanson

Katy has raised $610 of a $500 goal.


Katy Swanson

Katy will be participating in the following for 2022:

43rd Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 28, 2018
Location: Washington DC

122% $610 Complete

Hi, my name is Katy Swanson. My Marine journey started about a 1 1/2 years ago when our youngest son headed off to Boot Camp! I've been a runner for quite awhile now, but my longest run has been a 1/2 marathon, but it's been awhile since I've done one. I run for fun most of the time & do some 5k's for charities in the area. I have always said that I would never do a full marathon. Never say never! Soon after our younger son started Boot Camp, our older son began the process also. He has hit some road blocks, which have included being sent home 3 weeks before Boot Camp Graduation, surgery & recovery time before being able to reapply & start from scratch again. He is still waiting re-acceptance. While they were in Boot (and since) I have been filled with so much pride & desire to support them & everyone going through the experience. I found myself energized on my runs & continually thinking & praying for them, their Companies & family members as I ran. I would then see what runs they were doing in Boot & try to match their milage, all the while knowing they were having a harder time than I. I was even able to run about the time our youngest was to be going up the Reaper! It was pretty emotional. So about this time last year I learned about the marathon & found myself really wanting to do it, so here I am a year later...! has been such a great support through my entire journey! I am privileged to run with them & help raise money for them. My goal is to raise $500. I would love your help. It's a great organization! Thank you for your help & prayers!!!


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