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Shannon Perez

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Date: October 27, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

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I am back for my third year with Team Marine Parents! I am a proud wife of a Marine, mother of a Marine and sister of a Marine. My husband, Jose, served from 1998- 2002 as an infantryman and a part of FAST company. Our son, Caleb, graduated from MCRD San Diego in October 2015, and is currently enjoying his permanent duty station. He is the oldest of 4 children, and has a mindset just like dad. Our brother, Jesus graduated from MCRD San Diego in July of 2017 and is also enjoying his permanent duty station pretty close to our son's location.

In my free time I volunteer with Marine Parents. I volunteered as a platoon parent with Lima Company when my son was in boot camp, enjoying every minute of volunteering. I currently am a volunteer Manager in Fleet Facebook pages. It has been a blessing to give back to so many people and help them through the journey that I once traveled myself.

I had never been a runner, in fact I always believed my body was against any sort of running at all. My husband and I started running together while our son was at boot camp. Last year I completed my second Marine Corps Marathon, with Team Marine Parents. Last year's experience was just as wonderful as the first year. Through Marine Parents I have got to learn all about a Marine that is very special to me, PFC Michael Giannattasio who lost his life while living his dream as a United States Marine. I have dedicated all of my running in his honor. He inspires me every time I run to do my best, on good days and bad. I know he is with me every day!

This year as a coach of TMP, I am gong to participate in the MCM 10K, and then offer support for all of our Marathon runners. I look forward to being back as coach for another year with TMP.

I want to say thank you in advance for your support to my fundraising goal. I hope this year to surpass my fundraising from last year, without your help that won't be possible. Semper Fi!


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