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Dawnn Bonnema

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I started power walking because of a challenge my dad made to me in 2017. My dad said he could beat me in the Indianapolis Monumental. It was great timing because our son, Trey, was shipping off to boot camp and I needed something to keep me sane. Yes, I beat my dad, but in all fairness he couldn't race due to an injury. However, I completed my first half marathon.

Fast forward to 2019, my husband and I learned our son would be deploying and I thought it would be a great mental and physical challenge to start interval running/walking with a few fun events this spring (Beast Boot Camp 5K & Hill Ya! 10K) and to participate in the Fort Ben Half in October and the Monumental Half in November. My ultimate goal is to work my way up to the 2020 Marine Corps Marathon and have our Marine meet me at the finish line. Yes, it is a tall order, but if our son can serve our country and be away from home for however long that time is, then I can accomplish this goal.

Why MarineParents?? As a parent that needed support during the poolee, recruit, MCT, and deployment process, MarineParents has been a great resource. I know they are a not for profit organization and without donations, they cannot survive.

Please consider any size donation. If you have had a son or daughter go through MCRD SD or PI, I challenge you to donate your Marine's platoon number. My son was 2121 so we would do $21.21. Thank you for your support and prayers.


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