Meet TMP's Bobby McLaughlin

Bobby has raised $525 of a $500 goal.


Bobby McLaughlin

Bobby will be participating in the following for 2022:

Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 27, 2019
Location: Washington, DC

Arlington Marathon
Date: March 31, 2019
Location: Arlington, TX

105% $525 Complete

I could not be more proud of our son who has earned the title of United States Marine. Running a marathon has been a bucket list item, but everything fell into place for this one and here I am! I went to school in DC for two years, our daughter graduated from JMU just down the road, and to support the Marine family we're now a part of, absolutely - sign me up! I donated a kidney in January of this year and part of that journey took me to Georgetown, so there's that too.

When my friend invited me to this I told him "I'm 52 and I'm not sure I can run 26 miles." His message to me: 'I was actually thinking about it this AM. Some quick math: 2 kidneys x 1/2 = 1 kidney. 52 years x 1/2 = 26 miles.

I'm ecstatic to have this opportunity to run through our nation's capital, a place where I've spent a good bit of time, and time with my son and daughter as well. It's a special place for us, steeped in history, and to do this in support of the Marine family is quite an honor as I do so as a proud father of our Marine.

And our Marine son, we are so proud of him. He wanted to step up and do something, and to serve. We watched from afar as he battled his way through boot camp, overcoming obstacle after obstacle. We are so thrilled with him, and he continues to display his honor, courage and commitment, not only in serving in this great country of ours, but he's a living inspiration to so many others to be the change you want to see in the world.


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