Meet TMP's Sherri Trinler

Sherri has raised $1000.05 of a $1000 goal.


Sherri Trinler

Sherri will be participating in the following for 2022:

Let's Roll Hero Run
Date: January 22-24, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Honor Veteran Patients Run
Date: Febuary 12-14, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Rosie the Riveter Run
Date: March 19-21, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Military Child Run
Date: April 16-18, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Military Appreciation Run
Date: May 15-31, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Honor Veterans Run
Date: November 11-14, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Wrap It Up 2021 Run
Date: December 4-6, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Marine Corps 17.75K
Date: March 20, 2021
Location: Virtual Run

Marine Corps Marathon
Date: October 2021
Location: Virtual Event

Marine Corps Desert Storm 218 Miler
Date: January 17 - February 28, 2021
Location: Virtual Event

Marine Corps Devil Dog Double
Date: April 24 - May 16, 2021
Location: Virtual Event

Louisville Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k
Date: November 7, 2021
Location: Louisville Kentucky

100% $1000.05 Complete
Running is a sport I began almost eight years ago. Prior to running my first race, I kept fit by weekly HIIT, strength training, and Zumba (I love to dance). On a whim, I registered for a 5K, and low and behold I didn't die. In fact, I ran the entire race and then felt like I could run more miles after crossing the finish line. Who knew that would be the start of an obsession with running? I've run numerous 5Ks, several half marathons, and two marathons including the 2020 Marine Corps Marathon (virtually). I enjoy listening as my feet strike the pavement and tuning in to my breathing. Running is a time I reflect on my day, pray, clear my mind, solve problems and mostly just be joyful in the fact I CAN run in this beautiful world.

My inspiration comes from my husband who, in 2010, suffered a spinal cord injury after the vehicle he was occupying was struck by a drunk driver while he was on business in Shanghai, China. Our world forever changed at that moment. He inspires me every day with his positive attitude and the way he adapts to not being able to do the things he once loved. He was an avid golfer. It's been a rocky road to recovery to our "new normal" but his perseverance and grit move me. His example influences me more than he will ever know. He isn't able to run with me so I run FOR him because my legs are strong and I never want to take my ability to do so for granted. Health is a precious gift, life can throw an unexpected curveball and running keeps me mentally and physically fit to be the best version of me. My husband joins in by riding his incumbent bike. It's also wonderful seeing his face at the finish line.

I run with Team Marine Parents (TMP) because my one and only son is a Marine and my participation is the perfect way to honor his dedication and commitment to his country. He is an amazing soul and I am very proud of him. He runs occasionally with me which is even more exhilarating than a runner's high. Additionally, TMP is a supportive and encouraging running community. I've made friends all over the United States because of Team Marine Parents. I also volunteer at and appreciate the support provided for Marines and their families. Both Team Marine Parents and MarineParents are world-class organizations and I am proud to be associated with each.

My fundraising goal for 2021 is $1,000.00 Every dollar supports programs for our brave warriors and their families. Please consider making a donation to keep our Marines healthy as they go above and beyond to protect all of us.


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