Meet TMP's Melissa Zamp

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Melissa Zamp

Melissa will be participating in the following for 2022:

Rosie the Riveter Run
Date: March 18-20, 2022
Location: Virtual Event

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Howdy, Y'all! I am so EXCITED to be a part of Team Marine Parents!

I also just completed my training for Marine Parents and became a Group Guide for 2nd Batallion, Golf Company! I am a VERY PROUD MARINE MOM to my Son, Ryan, and a VERY PROUD DANCE MOM to my Daughter, Gracie! My Marine graduated from MCRD SD on September 17, 2021, and is currently finishing up his MOS! My Daughter is currently a Sophomore in high school and competes in dance competitions almost every weekend! She is looking to attend College in Florida as we are from the Midwest and she wants warmer weather!

I grew up with most of my family being in every branch of the military BUT my Son was the first Marine in our family and I am very PROUD of that!

I do believe that fundraisers help our organization and our Marines and their families so much! When I am asked why I run, walk, or workout, my response is "I RUN TO BURN THE CRAZY OFF!" Running, Walking, and Working out DEFINITELY helps with my stress level, worrying about My Marine and My Daughter, and keeps me healthy! I have signed up for the Rosie the Riveter Run because March is Women's History Month and we recognize Rosie the Riveter on March 21st! Rosie the Riveter means a lot to me because this is when women started actively engaging in contributing to their families more than just "housework" while their spouses were off defending our country during World War II. I raised both of my children as a Single Mom and I feel like Rosie the Riveter "paved" the way for us Women/Mom's who have to work, raise their children and maintain their home! My Grandpa was an Army Veteran of World War II so that makes this Virtual Run even more meaningful for me!

In the past, I have done many Walks for Cancer as I lost both of my Parents to Cancer at young ages and I have also participated and FINISHED a Tough Mudder! This will be my first Virtual Run with Team Marine Parents and I am looking forward to joining many more!


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