TMP Fan Squad Photograpy and Photo Sharing

Members of the TMP Fan Squad are encouraged to take photos to share in Team Marine Parents website sites, newsletters, and groups. We need your permission to use the photos you take.

Send us your photos!

Would you like to share photos you've taken at a TMP event? If you are the original photographer and grant permission for to publish the photos as noted in the agreement below, we'll get them added to websites, newsletters, and/or our Official Facebook pages and groups.

If you prefer to mail a CD or DVD, please print and complete the permission form. Click here for form.

Follow the instructions on this page to send your photos attached to an email to our photo sharing account. Please copy and paste the "Permission Text" on this page. Send email with permission text and photos attached to

The email program you use should include instructions for attaching photos to the email. Depending on your program, if you have a large number of photos you may need to send more than one email. Please limit the number of photos to 20 or fewer for any one event; choose your favorites! Your photos may be included in an existing slide show of the same event and date. Credit for the photo will be given to the photographer when the information is available. When possible, visible military name tapes and/or last names will either be edited out by our volunteers and/or staff, or the photo will not be published. Last names will not be used in captions or to identify the photographer/submitter.

Permission Text

Please copy and paste the following text in the email giving us permission to use your photos.

- - - Begin Permission Text to Copy - - -

Agreement and Information to Publish Photos
Photo Sharing Terms of Use:
Sending this email with the attached photo(s) signifies my agreement to the terms stated herein. I understand the intent is to publish the attached photos in publicly available slideshows on owned web sites or other publications. I verify that I am the original photographer of all attached photos and they are not copyrighted by any other individual or entity. I understand there is no intent for the organization to protect copyright interests in the photos. I understand, Inc. reserves the right to refuse publishing any photo(s). I hereby grant permission for, Inc. to use the photos on the organization's web sites, slideshows and/or other publications.
    Your Full Name:
    Your Message Board Name (if applicable):
    Include captions or comments below:
- - - End Pemission Text to Copy - - -

Copies of the photos used in slide shows or web sites will be publicly available on, Inc. owned web site(s), message board(s), newsletter(s), and/or commercial photo sharing web site(s) used for slide show presentations. Due to the nature of the internet, the organization makes no guarantee, stated or implied, that the photos will not be copied or downloaded by internet users for use other than stated. will not distribute your original photos to any other third party, including but not limited to individuals, members, companies and/or other organizations. reserves the right to refuse publishing any photo for any reason and without qualification. Photos submitted through may be used in printed material or other web sites without additional permission from the submitter/photographer.

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