TMP's Katy Swanson completes 18.1 miles in 04:02:43
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/02/2021, sponsored in Quantico, VA

Katy Swanson completes 18.1 miles in 04:02:43

Katy Swanson completes 18.1 miles in 04:02:43
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/02/2021
Sponsored in Quantico, VA

I was excited to do this race, even though I was doing it virtually, but the timing snuck up on me. It was the first time I’ve done this race & although I had been running, I wasn’t quite prepared. Having my 2nd Covid shot 3 days earlier probably didn’t help my situation! I have been running many of my virtual events alone & this one was no exception since the rest of my household was working.

It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining & a nice breeze to keep me cool as the temperature rose to 80°. I did pretty well for the first 10 miles & then I began to struggle. I headed close to home in case I needed to rest. With 4 miles to go, I could only walk. My body wasn’t hurting, I was just exhausted. My energy beans & Gatorade were not helping. I called my neighbor to see if they were home & asked for some cold water when I came by. When I got there, they were out to greet me with water & delicious watermelon! Their 11yr old son began to walk with me (he really wanted to run) & I got a call from an MCM friend that helped me along. With 1.5 miles to go, I really didn’t want to walk anymore, but couldn’t fathom running either. The advice from my MCM & TEAM MarineParents friend played in my head about run/walk:30/:30. He said I’d be surprised how much it would help. So I reset my timer & off we went, to the excitement of my new running companion. It worked! We finished together. It wasn’t pretty, but it was complete. I hadn’t had a struggle like that in quite a while. But, with help, I pushed through.

It took a week to recover, get rid of head aches & sleep better. I truly believe my biggest problem was running this so close to receiving my 2 shot. I would like to do this run again, & I will plan better next time!

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Katy Swanson completes 18.1 miles in 04:02:43

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