TMP's Sherri Trinler completes 18 miles in 5:15:38
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/12/2021, sponsored in Louisville, KY

Sherri Trinler completes 18 miles in 5:15:38

Sherri Trinler completes 18 miles in 5:15:38
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/12/2021
Sponsored in Louisville, KY

Ever since I heard about the Devil Dog Double I wanted to participate in this race. It sounded like you really needed to be "tough" to complete it and in addition to really wanting that medal, I thought it would be a good way to prove that I am stronger than I give myself credit. Running for me has been a journey in healthy choices, mental strength and self confidence. This race started out being a way to honor my Marine, however, it became so much more when I actually completed it.

The challenge was the rolling hills of Kentucky where I chose to run it. It was a virtual race so I had to keep myself entertained as I pounded out the miles through the beautiful scenery. Fortunately my route took me past my home at mile 13 so I could stop briefly for a huge spoon of peanut butter and a pickle. That is what my body was craving and it was the boost I needed to hammer out the last five miles. It also helped to hear my fan club (my husband) say "Go Sherri!"

I will participate in the Devil Dog Double again but next time I would really like to do it with other runners and if they are my TMP running friends then all the better!

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Sherri Trinler completes 18 miles in 5:15:38

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