TMP's Nickie Sattler completes 10K in 1:30:07
Event: Marine Corps MCM 10K held 11/03/2020, sponsored in Arlington, VA

Nickie Sattler completes 10K in 1:30:07

Nickie Sattler completes 10K in 1:30:07
Event: Marine Corps MCM 10K held 11/03/2020
Sponsored in Arlington, VA

I was honored to travel to where my son is currently stationed so that we could complete this 10K together. He's a new Marine (first year in) and is my inspiration. This was the first MCM10K that I've completed and the first event I've done with my son. I started power walking when my son when to MCRP PI as a way to keep myself mentally strong as I was on the other side of the world. Since my son enlisted, all of my walking/running events have been inspired and completed with him in my thoughts.

To be honest, I'm not really a runner. I usually power walk my 5k events but I have slowly been transitioning to a jogger. I've only jogged a 5k once and that was on a treadmill. LOL! My Marine brought his phone and a small Bluetooth speaker and we ran to Marine Corps cadences. Talk about motivating! I only slowed to walking speed about 6 times during the entire 10k. I did feel sorry for my Marine as he turned around and jogged backward to try and slow down when I had to walk. This was the fastest time I've done in an event like this.

I will definitely do this again. I hope to do the next one live at the MCM10K in Arlington next year. I would love to have the privilege of running with my son again! My son was proud of me as well. I don't think he ever believed that his Mom could jog that far.

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Nickie Sattler completes 10K in 1:30:07

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