TMP's Shannon Perez completes Various in 06:00:38
Event: 2020 Recap held 12/18/2020, sponsored in (Virtual Runs), NV

Shannon Perez completes Various in 06:00:38

Shannon Perez completes Various in 06:00:38
Event: 2020 Recap held 12/18/2020
Sponsored in (Virtual Runs), NV

At the beginning of this year, I planned to run the Marine Corps Marathon and the Historic Half. It was a year I planned to add an event I had never done before, the Historic Half. Then covid happened in March 2020, changing the course for many, many races. So I changed course; I adapted to the changes, set new goals, and completed a few more races this year than originally planned.

This year I signed up for more events than I ever had in the past. For a runner, paying travel expenses can be the difference between doing an event or changing your mind. This year was different, so I took advantage of the change to virtual and kept myself busy, running, in a year where everything was unknown. This year I completed the 17.75k, the Historic Half (13.1), MCM10k, the Military Appreciation Run 5K, PTSD Awareness Buddy Run10K, Semper Gumby 10K, Iron Mike 5K, Marine Corps Marathon, Frozen Chosin 7 miler, and Turkey Trot 10K.

When covid happened, I didn't expect to look back and see all this positive. I logged 88.32 miles in 2020 races, and this is not including all my training miles. Even with all the unknown in 2021, I am looking forward to many events that have already decided to go virtual, and I have encouraged my husband to participate with me. For 2021, we have signed up for the Desert Storm 218 miler, the Historic Half, and the 17.75K. Bring on 2021!!!

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