TMP's Laura Stager completes Half Marathon in 3:09:48
Event: Publix Atlanta Marathon held 02/27/2022, sponsored in Atlanta, GA

Laura Stager completes Half Marathon in 3:09:48

Laura Stager completes Half Marathon in 3:09:48
Event: Publix Atlanta Marathon held 02/27/2022
Sponsored in Atlanta, GA

I had such a blast doing this half marathon! Originally I was going to go WATCH my son and daughter-in-law run the full. Then I happened to be talking to my cousin who lives in Minnesota. She used to run full and half marathons all the time, and she knew that I had done quite a number of half marathons- A LONG TIME AGO! When I told her I was going to go watch them run, she sort of quietly said, "Don't they have a half?" That's when things snowballed! We started training halfway through through December using Jeff Galloway's run/walk method. It was my first half in probably 5 -7 years. Neither of us were able t train much- my cousin because it was so cold (below zero most days). I had a hard time getting my long runs in because we had such cold and icy weekends. Nevertheless, we did it anyway. My cousin flew down from Minnesota and all four of us ran. It was a great family event.

The biggest challenge for me was the weather. It was 48 degrees and raining, my favorite walking weather, but to think I was going to be out in that weather for more than 3 hours was a little daunting. I wasn't even sure I would finish given my inability to train. We had a slight drizzle up until mile 6, then the skies opened up, and it poured rain for about 3 miles. I started freezing then, but over the next four miles the rain eased, and by the time I crossed the line it was just gray and cold.

The favorite part of my post run was going back to my son's house and taking a hot shower. After that, my cousin, my two sons (who both live in Atlanta), and I watched "Brittany Runs A Marathon." If you haven't seen it, it's a great movie with lots of life skills threads- friendship, perseverance, standing up for yourself...It was so fun to be with my children and cousin. We will definitely run this again, and all of us have already planned to run the Twin Cities Half in October. Many of my coworkers were inspired to see me complete this half. In fact one is trying to convince me to run the Marine Corps Marathon next year...I might just do it! #MCM2023

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Laura Stager completes Half Marathon in 3:09:48

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