TMP's Shannon Perez completes 2ish miles in 31:00
Event: Personal Achievement held 4/6/2022, sponsored in Fallon, NV

Shannon Perez completes 2ish miles in 31:00

Shannon Perez completes 2ish miles in 31:00
Event: Personal Achievement held 4/6/2022
Sponsored in Fallon, NV

Today turned out to be a pretty good day.

My husband has been working on focusing on the positives every day and he has been asking me about it, encouraging me to think a little more. Although he is working tonight, he is always encouraging me.

I took the dog out for her nightly walk, planning for a short walk so I could be back for a 20 min cardio workout. As I passed by a neighbor who usually has her dogs out in the yard (Gypsy hates other dogs), I thought to myself I probably shouldn’t go this way, but against my judgment, I did it anyway. As I turned back around to go the way I had come, I realized, of course, they had their dogs out. So it was either chance it, hoping Gypsy wouldn’t want to fight them, or find another way home. Rather than get frustrated I circled back and had to decide between two routes. I took the long one, mistakingly thinking it was shorter 🤣. Again instead of getting frustrated, I looked at Gypsy, who LOVES running, and decided here we go. We were running.

Those that know me, know running is a passion of mine, a love~hate passion. I have been sidelined from running since August, painfully! Gypsy and I took a long route that equaled a 30 mins un-planned run!!! Our very first this year!!!!

Find the positive in every situation, you just don’t know what success it might bring you!! Thank you to my amazing husband for always being there when I need you the most!!!

I’m back at it Jane Giannattasio, slow to start but this run, Michael was with me! #neverforget

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