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Inspirational Stories from all kinds of runners with TMP.

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Sherri Trinler completes 5K in 00:40:01
Event: The Parklands 5K held June 12, 2021
Sponsored in Louisville, Kentucky

This was my first in-person road race since the pandemic began. I was downright giddy at the start line and couldn't wa...
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Nickie Sattler completes 5k in 00:33:55
Event: Military Appreciation Run held 05/15/2021
Sponsored in Centerville , Ohio

I ran this event for my son who is a Marine, my late father who was a Marine, and my late father-in-law who was a soldie...
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Sherri Trinler completes 18 miles in 5:15:38
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/12/2021
Sponsored in Louisville, KY

Ever since I heard about the Devil Dog Double I wanted to participate in this race. It sounded like you really needed t...
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Erika  Devenney completes Half Marathon in 2:17:22
Event: Cowtown half marathon (live) held 05/08/2021
Sponsored in Fort Worth , Texas

This is my 8th year to run the Cowtown. I have been training since February. On my way to the race, my coach called an...
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Alysia Simmons completes 18.1 Miles in 5:19:47
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/08/2021
Sponsored in Columbia, MO

This was a new challenge for me. I did this with my sister, my daughter, & my nephew. ...
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Katy Swanson completes 18.1 miles in 04:02:43
Event: Devil Dog Double held 05/02/2021
Sponsored in Quantico, VA

I was excited to do this race, even though I was doing it virtually, but the timing snuck up on me. It was the first tim...
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