TMP Members Using Strava App

Strava App

Introduction to Strava

New to TMP in 2020 is the use of the runner's app, Strava. Coach Shannon has determined the FREE VERSION of this app will help all of us on TMP get to know one another, learn from others' training, and be better at team building online with members in different states across the US.

Becoming a MEMBER of our TMP Club on Strava is restricted to members who have successfully signed up to participate in Team Marine Parents for this year. Successful sign-up includes your providing a bio and photo for our TMP website and your fundraising page. You'll receive a link to this page in a WELCOME email when your registration to TMP has been approved.

TMP Club & Coach Shannon

You can find both the "TMP Club" and "Coach Shannon" on Strava. Use these links in a website:

If you are IN THE APP, use the following search terms to find the TMP Club and Coach Shannon:

  • Under PEOPLE, search for: Coach Shannon Perez
  • Under CLUBS, search for: Team Marine Parents

If you are not successful finding Coach Shannon or the Team Marine Parents club on Strava, please send an email to with your Strava name or profile link so we can get you hooked up.

FREE Version of Strava's App

You can join STRAVA online on their website and they also have an APP you can use on your smartphones and smartwatches. Visit to learn more. To download the STRAVA app, here is a link directly to their download page:


Just a head's up that the Strava App can be used FREE of charge. When registering in the app on your phone, you can follow a path that offers a PAID version. You are NOT required to use the PAID version to be able to participate on the TMP Club on Strava. So be careful when registering on the app; read carefully before clicking through.

(Those who CHOOSE to use the PAID version are welcome to do so and it will not impede your participation in the TMP Club on Strava.)

Strava App
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