VR July 22-24, 2022: Dale Larson's Challenge

We had 21 participants register for the MarineParents.com 2022 Dale Larson's Challenge. Scroll below to see their photos, finish times, and distances.

VR July 22-24, 2022: Dale Larson's Challenge

Virtual Run by Marine Parents

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Deborah Baisel

walk: 5 miles in 00:85:00



Kim Schultz

Run/Walk: 1/2 Marathon in 2:45:22

I didnt know Dale Larson, but he sounds like a pretty special person. I am happy to complete his 1/2 Marathon challenge again this year. I ran in honor of my Marine who finished the Crucible one year ago this weekend and earned the title... United States Marine OOHRAH!


Dale Pesek

Run: 10k in 00:57:18

10k is just short of 1/4 marathon; Dale was known for half marathons so people would think he was only half crazy; guess that only makes me a quarter crazy :-) Grateful for a chance to honor you Dale!! Picture was last hike I did with my son and hero.


Tony and Stephanie Harris

Walk: 13.1 miles over 24 hours in 3:37:38

Our Marine hiked a 20k on Friday. He tells us if he can do it, we can do it!


Sarah A Ruiz

bike: 10.25 miles in 01:14:32

All for my recruit in boot camp. If he can do that, I can support him and the other recruits. So proud!


Katie Swanson

Run/Walk: 13.11 (1/2 Marathon) in 2:36:31

Dale Larson’s challenge 13.1! A day off from the fields, so I took the opportunity to get this done. It was slow & a lot of walking, but it’s completed! 75° to start, and 82° at the finish. Humid, full sun, but a good breeze when heading west! Notice I was not standing for the picture this time, but I am smiling! Now for a good long Epsom salts bath!!


Ammie Hennigan

Walk: 5k in 01:04:27

Today I walked with my Godmother. We prayed for our military and their loved ones. We did take a detour to the cemetery to sat hello to those we have lost and love. This was my longest walk and I'm proud to show my Marine that his MoM is getting in shape!


Meredith Arieta-Heaney

Bike: 13.1 in 00:48:33



Tracy Della Vecchia

1/2 Marathon in 2 Days: 13.33 Miles in 03:51:00

I'm totally crazy happy that I did this. Dale was a volunteer with Marine Parents for many years and I will always miss him. He was an amazing man. Dale would be so proud of me right now, even if I did have to split this across two days, it's the most miles I've ever done in a 24-hour period.

I've lost 100 pounds in the last 18 months and my wellness has increased 100 times over with the addition of walking and exercise since September of 2021. I'm just amazed every day that one month I couldn't walk to the end of my culdesac and now I can't wait to jump out of bed so I can "get my walk on". Thank you Team Marine Parents for inspiring me!

Thank you Dale for all you did for our wounded, ill, and injured Marines at Balboa. I will remember you forever and I will do a half marathon every July in your honor and memory. God Bless our Troops, and God Bless Dale Larson.


Heather M Chacon

Jog/Walk: 4.03 Mile in 1:28:06

Our recruit is my inspiration. I intended to complete this in our local Wellness Center's Turttle® Pool but decided to push myself and do it on land.This 4 Mile Jog/Walk was challenging for this MSChic but I got it done!

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